CP Diagnosis

After years of advocating and testing, we finally officially have a cerebral palsy diagnosis for Israel. I post this only because I know there is a network of families out there who are walking similar paths. I remember when we were early in our special needs journey and I read everything I could about families with CP or other disabilities. I wanted to have an idea of what to expect or how I could dream for Israel. I specifically remember back in May 2013 when I was knee-deep in research on cerebral palsy because Israel seemed to fit that description. I went through a lot of grief then (and as I mentioned recently, the grief cycle does come back around at times).

This diagnosis was bolstered by our MRI findings in September (read here) and we are not really surprised or saddened by it. We know that God has a big plan for Israel and this label will not limit him at all. He is picking up on new words every day and constantly amazes us at what he is capable of. Cerebral Palsy is a spectrum and no two kids will have the same abilities or challenges just because of the CP label. There are all kinds of CP (Israel is more low tone/hypotonic). We are so proud of our boy. He's so resilient and his story is worth sharing! He constantly points me to the gospel and the hope of redemption.

If you are a family with special needs (especially CP!) I'd love to connect on the journey together! I'm so relieved to finally have something OFFICIAL to document for insurance and future service needs.