Edith: Sixteen Months Old

Dear Edith,

You are now 16 months old! You are at a fun, feisty age my girl! You are into everything. You only sit still when you are very tired or just woke up. You want to explore any nook and cranny, and you love to tinker with things to figure out how they work. You're love light switches and sockets and unplugging the Christmas tree. You know all of your favorite cabinets to play in! You will copy us when we play with toys and when we make silly faces. You love books, stuffed animals, and puzzles. Your favorite spot to play is behind the recliner on a pile of blankets.

The biggest milestone this month was that you had tubes put in your ears after your fifth ear infection! You handled it pretty well, but getting your heart rate taken (they had to put a clip on your toe) was the worst part. You were hilarious when you were drugged! You were given a stuffed bear and it is your newest sidekick. You were giving it medicine out of the dropper and you share your milk with it.

You know that the refrigerator = milk so you will get very dramatic about opening the door when you're thirsty. You love bananas, bread, raisins, blueberries, and grapes the most. You eat all the time and love to snack. When you're not in the mood to sit in your high chair, you will try to climb out. We have to keep a close watch on you!

You can be quite the bully to your brother sometimes. You like to take his glasses off so you can wear them like a necklace. You will sit on him and push him over on his back. Sometimes you pull his hair too. For the most part, he loves the attention and doesn't seem to realize what a pest you are to him! I love watching you two play together when you're being nice!

Before your tube surgery. 
For the most part, you are a very happy girl. You definitely love being at home, and you don't mind your carseat much. You tend to be a bit dramatic when we're out in public, especially in the nursery at church. I think you are more of a homebody. We can't keep socks or shoes on you, especially in the car. You like to throw things out of shopping carts and the stroller. On our walks around the neighborhood I have to watch you because if I'm not paying attention there will be a trail of socks, blankets, pacis and toys behind us. The other day I had a 10 minute search for the Mary from our Little People nativity that you had tossed!

You're taking one or two naps these days, and you sleep a solid 11-12 hours at night. You still have your paci in your crib and in the car. You love bathtime and brushing your teeth. You are Miss Independent and want to walk, climb the stairs, and eat all by yourself.

We are thankful for our spunky girl. You keep us laughing and very aware of you!