I titled this post "housekeeping" to take care of a few blog/personal things... not actually talking about real housework. If you know me well you will see that my house has lacked the true housekeeping for a while! I'm thankful for friends like my best friend Lindsey who come over and pretend to not notice the clutter or dirty dishes. Another season I'll have a clean house, for now... we survive.

I decided to "give up" Facebook for Lent this year. It's my first time participating in Lent, and I'm really relieved at the almost-week of being without Facebook. I noticed how often I would just waste a few minutes here and there checking status updates, looking for notifications, and reading all of the amazing and hilarious buzz feeds that I saw! I will admit that I have missed the community aspects of a few groups I'm involved in, such as our special needs group and an adoption group that I'm involved in.

With that said, if you need me- email me. My email is yestoadoption at gmail .com

Also, if you are looking to do a "shout out" post, I still do those whenever someone wants one! Just email me what you want posted (I usually just copy & paste) and whatever pictures and links you want to include.

Other ways to stay in touch are on Instagram and Twitter- my name is rebekahmcgee on both!