Edith: Seven Months Old

Dear Edie,

You are seven months old! You are such a fun kid right now. You are rolling all over the place, and into everything! It is a difficult mission to get your diaper changed because you like to twist and wiggle so much. You are sitting up for the most part, but you topple over a good bit because you are not just content to sit down and play with a toy. You must go and explore!

You have been quite the Diva Princess lately. We joke that you have two identities: Edie J and Edie P (Edith Joy or Edith Princess). Edie P is your alter ego and the one who receives "fussy" report cards at school and gives us a run for our money. Edie P refuses food with a clamped shut mouth and cries a lot for no reason.

Your favorite things are jumping in the Johnny Jump Up while playing the piano, trying to get whatever your brother has, and taking a bath. You and your brother take baths almost every night together, and you have fun fighting over toys and splashing each other.

About half the nights of the week you will sleep through the night! You go down between 6:30-7, I do a dream feed at 9/10pm, and then you sleep until 6:30 -7 am. You take 2-3 naps a day. There have been nights (like when you got shots earlier this week) that you wake up 2-3 times still. I'm gonna blame that on Edie P. Recently I picked you up from school while you were napping and you were not swaddled, so we came home and immediately stopped that at home too. Ever since you have rolled around a good bit and fallen asleep on your own. I put 2 of your wubbanub pacis in the crib with you, and you will often double fist your pacis, alternating them or trying to fit both of them in your mouth at the same time. You still like to be tucked in with a blanket when I'm putting you back to bed after a night feeding.

You are very fickle with baby food. I haven't really pushed it out of my laziness, but you don't always your meals. We'll get there and you're certainly not hurting for calories! You nurse 4-6 times a day, although we're still not on a strict schedule! You went to the doctor last week and weighed 16 pounds, you were 26 inches long and your head was 17 inches. You're wearing 6 month clothes, size 3 diapers and size 1 shoes.

Edith, you have brought so much joy to our family. I'm so thankful that you and Israel are already best buds. I love how you perfectly fit in with our crew and that you are (for the most part) an easy, happy baby. Thank you for being so easy on our doctor and therapy visits for Israel and for being so free with your giggles and grunts. I love you so much and I'm thankful to be your mama.