Thriving in the Chaos

Sometimes Will and I just have to laugh when things are just truly chaotic. Sometimes both kids will be screaming, we will have unending poopy diapers, and we just look at each other and try to remember that these are good days.

But amidst the chaos, we really do have fun and are enjoying this busy, full season. Here are a few things that keep us sane:

1. Family walks. Almost every day, Will takes Israel or all four of us go on family walks. It helps break up the afternoon. We're having to figure things out now that daylight savings time has stolen our evening hours! But family walks have been a great outing for us to stay sane and take up those hours before bedtime that seem to drag by.

2. Weekly dates. Every Tuesday morning after I drop Israel off at school, Will and I go get breakfast somewhere. It may be McDonalds or Waffle House, but we intentionally sit down over coffee and chat about life together. Edith is with us, but we are spending time talking about ministry, school, and things that are important to us. It is a good sacrifice of our time and money to have weekly dates. Even if they only last 20 minutes, it is time that is well spent.

3. Sunday night band practice. Every Sunday night, we go up to the church to watch our college band practice. Israel loves (I mean LOVES) watching the band. It allows for me to spend some time with college students, and Will can get a few ministry tasks done on Sunday night while we are all together. I love that our kids are around college students that love the Lord.

4. Doing mindless activities. With both of us in school, it is important for Will and I to take breaks from reading schoolbooks and do non-school activities sometimes. We watch TV together or read books (I just finished the Divergent series!). We need to mentally take breaks and not let ourselves be consumed by the always present to-do list. There will always be housework or school to do, but sometimes you just need to rest and enjoy each other.

5. Prayer, scripture, and listening to good sermons. This goes without saying, right? But seriously, keeping ourselves grounded in the Word and reminding ourselves of God's faithfulness allows us to see beyond the daily grind and to the big picture. This season serves a purpose, and we are a part of something much bigger than poopy diapers and laundry piles. Our every day faithfulness reflects a big, sovereign God.

What keeps you sane? 


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