Feeling Thankful Tonight

Tonight I'm feeling thankful for a few things. It's been a long day but God is good. I haven't jumped on the "feeling thankful" facebook trend, but tonight I feel that a bit of reflection here is appropriate!

Today at therapy Israel held on to the arms of a walker today for several minutes! At the end of therapy each week they try to put him in a walker, and he is becoming less scared and more confident. He didn't take any steps, but he held on! That was huge.

I turned in a 19 page paper yesterday. I'm thankful that is off my to-do list! Only a few more assignments/tests and I'll be done with this semester! Woo hoo!

I'm thankful that Will can come home for lunch most days. It's a great blessing to see him mid-day, even if its for a few minutes.

Today during meal times I marveled at the fact that my son can self-feed, drink with a straw, and can pick up a sippy cup without handles. Just a few months ago I thought those things would never happen.

After we got home from therapy today, I put Israel down in the den with a bowl of dry cheerios while I went upstairs to put Edith down. When I came back, there were cheerios EVERYWHERE but in the bowl. I put them back in the bowl and walked off again, and when I looked back Israel was taking cheerios by the handful and throwing them around the room, the way a person would throw bread to birds. It was hilarious. He is the silliest kid.

I'm thankful that I've been able to sell some stuff on a local yard sale FB page. Getting rid of excess and making some money for things we need has been super helpful. God is faithful to provide. In  related note, we had a Christmas-themed consignment sale here in Jacksonville last week and I sold some stuff that Israel wasn't using and made $100! After a really hard week of a flat tire, broken washing machine, dead battery, and other unexpected expenses it was great timing.

Tuesday night we had a meeting with some of our college ministry leaders. I got a babysitter and was able to attend and worship and pray with some of our students. It was so refreshing. Both kids did great, and I was able to connect with our students, which seems rare for me in this season!

I'm really excited that I get to see my family next week. My sister had a baby a few weeks ago that I can't wait to meet! My grandparents will get to meed Edith. I always love it when I can see my siblings (we will have 4 out of 5 there!) and I am counting down until next week. I'm definitely not looking forward to the drive to NC but it will be worth it.

Finally, I'm so thankful for Will. He's the best. Seriously. He has shown me so much grace lately and he has been so supportive of me during my school this year. He's not once complained about my lack of meal planning or pitiful attempts at housecleaning. He is always serving others and pouring out and doesn't complain. I am so thankful for a spouse that I truly respect and care for.

What are you thankful for tonight?


  1. YEAH Israel!!!! So proud of you for holding onto the walker and throwing the Cheerios.


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