Israel's Birthday Celebrations

Israel turned 2 on October 12, and it worked out that we had a little Elmo-themed birthday party that day! We had some family and friends celebrate our boy with us at the church "cafe." We kept it simple with sandwiches and chips and cake. I've seen other Elmo-themed parties that have really taken the theme and run with it, but we just did what we could with a 2 month old and a busy season! Will's mom made our awesome cake and cupcakes. She made Israel's cake last year too!

Israel loved having the attention from his family. I think the best part for him was all the grandparents and aunts/uncles loving on him. We decided not to do presents again this year, because he has everything he needs and doesn't cognitively understand gifts just yet. Both of our parents chipped in and bought us a double stroller for his birthday. and he LOVES riding on the stroller, so I consider that a win for all of us! Last year they went in on the swingset for Israel's birthday, and I like the idea of getting him one big gift instead of a bunch of small things that he doesn't need.

After the party, we headed home and Israel took a nap while our families hung out. Will's parents, sister & fam, and brother stayed for the afternoon and we went out to dinner that night. It was really nice spending the day with family.

I was very emotional about Israel turning 2 this year! He's such a precious boy. On Tuesday, Israel took cupcakes (from Wal Mart... yeah I'm not supermom!) to school and shared them with his peers. I'm thankful the director at the school sent me a few pictures of my boy tearing into his cupcake! He doesn't get treats like cupcakes that often so he loved it.

We love our sweet boy and we are SO proud of him. Can't wait to see what the Lord does this year through this spunky, silly kid. 


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