Shout Out: The Montz Family

Meet Jason & Heather Montz!

Jason is an only child and I am the youngest daughter of 3. Jason went to a
small Christian school where as I went to the largest public school in our
county. We both attended University of Mobile. We had mutual friends all
along but didn't meet until Sophomore year of college through a friend at
chucrh. We were married in 2008. Jason is the music minister at our
church and I work at a crisis pregnancy center.

I always knew I would adopt one day, regardless of if we were able to have
biological children. We just always thought it would be our second child
that we would adopt. After 3 years of marriage and no pregnancies I knew
something was wrong. After many medical test, changes in diet, fertility
treatments, and more I decided I was "over it". Jason asked if I would be
willing to wait a little longer before we started the adoption process. We
agreed our 5th Anniversary would be the line. We continued to research all
our adoption options without stepping out to do it. We celebrated our 5th
Anniversary in April of 2013. In May of 2013 after attending a local
informational meeting we decided domestic adoption was the best path for us.

We have launched our first fundraiser to help get the process started. We
are selling shirts through BonfireFunds. We must sell at least 50 shirts by
December 5, 2013. Shirts are shipped directly to the buyer from
BonfireFunds. You can purchase a shirt at

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