School School School

Completely random fact: My son loves the "All Day with Elmo" DVD, and at the end of each episode they sing a song (kind of to the tune of Jingle Bells?) and in the school episode, the song is just the word "School" repeated over and over to that tune. My husband and I find ourselves singing it when we are talking about school (hence the title of this post... it was me singing it "School School School" like Elmo).

So... I'm four weeks into grad school now! Woo hoo! Halfway through the first semester of the 3 semester long MSW program. It is a mainly-online program but I do attend Saturday classes 4 times per semester. It has been a LOT of busy work but it is manageable when I stick to my plan for the week and take advantage of naptimes + the days that Israel is at school.

I have rekindled the inner nerd in me. I loved school at Auburn and I'm finding that same love for school supplies, checklists, and learning has returned. I have definitely seen God's favor in my school so far and He has really allowed me to maximize my time and to use the gifts he has given me for writing and learning. I truly want to glorify God in this, because His hand has been all over this opportunity for me to go back and get my masters!

Israel is still doing really well at school too! He is probably moving out of the baby class into the toddler class around August! That will be bittersweet but I am so thankful for a school that has truly loved my son and wants him to meet the goals we have set. I love his teachers and just love everything about UCP.

Will is also in school, working towards his phd, and he has to take a French proficiency exam in 3 weeks! He also goes to class for a week in August right before the baby comes, so he is busy gearing up for that. It is nice that we are both in school, but it is a bit complicated sometimes when we both need to study!

So, our life is a bit crazy with school this summer. But I'm so thankful for the opportunities we have been given to learn and grow!