Pregnancy Update

This pregnancy has FLOWN by! I can't believe I am a few weeks into my third trimester, in fact I'm 31 weeks today! Here are a few picture updates:

It has been such a crazy experience watching my belly grow. It is bizarre to me that I look like the girl in the picture above! Is that really me?! My belly is HUGE!

I love, love, love feeling Edith's kicks. Even though sometimes they are not so dainty and more aggressive. It is especially fun when I am holding Israel and Edith is kicking me at the same time- I am very aware that I am momma to two babies.

I am constantly so hot. It doesn't help that our A/C has been really inconsistent this summer and it has been 90+ degrees out some days. We have been at the pool a lot! It has been hard to sleep because trying to find a comfortable position seems impossible, and I am so hot that I don't want anything touching me. I am also swelling a good bit. I've given up on wearing my wedding bands, and I am down to two pairs of flip flops that work with my swollen feet. I have definitely noticed some swelling in my face, but my darling husband claims that I look normal. Bless him.

This has continued to be just a surreal process. When I am ready to complain, I quickly think of Israel's birth mom and imagine what life was like for her during her pregnancy, and I am humbled. I also look at my ever-moving, growing belly and just praise God that there is a little life inside of me. We're also so thankful that Edith seems to be growing well and is healthy. We got to see her again on an ultrasound at 29 weeks, and she weighed 3 lbs 3 ounces, and looked well!

Overall, this pregnancy has been incredibly smooth, and I am so thankful for that. We are in a very busy season this summer, so I haven't really taken much time to just sit and think about Edith. But we do love this girl already and are grateful to be given the opportunity to parent another baby. Thankfully, her nursery has been finished for a while now, and we have a little baby shower on Thursday here in Jacksonville to get the last little bit of things we need for her!

The countdown is ON! I have asked to be induced early so that I can have a week between her birth and my fall grad classes starting (I'm due on August 20, and classes start August 21!). We would really appreciate your prayers on the timing of the birth, since Will is going to be gone for school the first week in August. We trust God's timing and know that He sovereignly planned our Edith.


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  2. Oops! I just commented as my husband and it read a little creepy that way!! Haha!! You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You make pregnancy look so great!! I can't wait to see pictures of sweet Edith!!

  3. You look so great!!! The pics your sister took are just stunning!!! Can't believe Miss Edith will be here so soon!!!!!

  4. You look so beautiful!!! Almost time to meet your little princess! So excited for ya'll! :)


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