Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Years In

Earlier this week marked our two year anniversary of beginning the adoption process. (See 1 year recap here, and our very first blog post here).

The first year involved lots of paperwork, fundraising and then waiting. Although it had its challenges, year two definitely was harder (and more rewarding!).

Here are a few of the big milestones/highlights from our second year in the adoption process for our son:
  • Being a part of the growing adoption community at our former church in Raleigh, NC.
  • Moving to Jacksonville, Alabama, thus doing a completely new homestudy and re-doing ALL of our paperwork.
  • Being blessed by a sweet baby shower by our friends in Raleigh before we left, and a mini-shower at my workplace before I left my job.
  • Setting up our nursery in our new home!
  • Participating in two craft fairs and raised over $400.
  • The agonizing wait for a referral- it ended up being 18 months on the waitlist before we got our referral!
  • Finally seeing our son's face on December 2nd!
  • Enduring the long wait as we got skipped over and over again for a court date. We don't know why, but it took us three months to finally head to Ethiopia. 
  • Receiving our court date and knowing that we would be leaving to meet our son a month later!
  • Having a sweet baby shower by our new church family here in Jacksonville.
  • Coordinating another yard sale in Alabama, and also some other fundraising attempts through selling Tukula and etsy (many thanks to the supportive friends we have!). 
  • Seeing the Lord begin a new work in the hearts of friends in Alabama as He creates a new adoption community for us.
  • Going to Ethiopia, meeting our son, and passing court!!! He is ours!
It was an eventful year, filled with long days and weeks as we waited for news on our case. And we know that the wait isn't over as we wait for embassy clearance. One thing that has been consistent in our story is that God has been so faithful to us. We have seen His provision and grace. We can trust God's faithfulness to bring this to a completion, because we have seen God's character in not only the scriptures but in our story so far. I'm so thankful for this year, that has increased my faith tremendously and strengthened my marriage to my husband.

We are so thankful to be parents officially but cannot wait until we are parents practically! Praying this third "trimester" of the adoption is fast!

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