Five Months Old!

Dear Israel,

Today you are five months old! It is with a happy heart that I write this post to you, darling. All of these months I have wondered- what exactly does __ month look like for you? And now I know! You are so unbelievably precious. You are cooing and talking, you LOVE being naked and getting lotioned up after bathtime. You love to lay on your back and look up at your mom and dad. You are completely mesmerized when your daddy sings to you (even when he sings to you the songs from your doppelganger Bruno Mars). You love to be rocked to sleep but sometimes you like to wake up just to make sure your mommy is still rocking you. You almost got me in trouble by not sleeping when you were napping last week- the special mothers would have taken you from me if they saw the sweet smiles you were giving me when you were supposedly sleeping!

Israel, I cannot even begin to express how much joy you have given your mom and dad already. Your birth name means "blessed" and truly it is us who are blessed. You are so happy and sweet! You have the funniest personality and the silliest expressions. You love to watch all of your friends at the orphanage and to hear all of the special mothers call your name. You love playing with your hands and are not interested in any toys. You don't like to stand up or be stretched beyond what is comfortable- we have quite the work to do when you come home! Then again, why do I want to make you move out of the baby stage? If you do cry, it is only for about 30 seconds because we found out there is nothing that a bottle can't fix. You love your bottle! You are so little and so cuddly. You are wearing 3 month size clothes and you look very cute in the plaid outfits we brought you (of course you'll be wearing LOTS of plaid like daddy!). We even dressed you up in an Auburn outfit last week so that one day when you're an Auburn grad you'll know that you were a tiger from the start :).

This was a very big month for us! This month we met you and you became OFFICIALLY ours according to the Ethiopian government! You are no longer an orphan, darling, but a son. We had the sweetest, most perfect four days with you that we think about all day long. We look at pictures and videos of you all the time. We can't get enough of you!

We loved going to Ethiopia and seeing your birth country. We fell in love with the culture and environment of Ethiopia and we dream of taking you back one day so you can truly grasp what a beautiful heritage you have. We are so thankful that God brought us to you.

Israel, it is such a privilege to be your mom and to begin to know the little details about you. I love that we already know a few things about what you like and don't like, and I can't wait to know it ALL and to be able to meet your needs every day. You better believe that we are praying hard that you will be home soon. We love the sweet care that you are getting at Hannah's Hope, but we are aching to have you here. Know that we will do anything to bring you home, sweet baby! We're coming back for you.



  1. Awe! This is beautiful!! I'm so excited for when you can post pictures of your sweet little man. It sounds like you had an AMAZING trip getting to know your son!

  2. So sweet. Praying you can bring him home quickly.


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