Created for Care 2012

Last weekend I was given the privilege of attending "Created for Care" - a retreat/ conference for adoptive and foster mothers. There were over 400 women in attendance, so the resort that we stayed at was swarming with like-minded women who all have a passion for Jesus and orphan care. It was amazing! I went last year and had an amazing time, so I was so thankful for the chance to go back.

Some of the AGCI Mamas!

I learned so much this weekend! There were so many new things taught this year, and even things that I'd heard before seemed to resonate deeper. Another difference is that now when I learn about attachment and parenting, it is much more real because there is a sweet little boy that will be in our home soon!

Sunrise from our porch, overlooking a lake

One of the amazing parts of the weekend was spending time with some AMAZING women. I couldn't have had better roomies/car buddies, and I loved finally meeting some women that it seemed like we already knew each other!!!

This is a precious woman! Katie Braddy, loved getting to know you deeper!

Courtney Bryant and I just missed each other in Raleigh. She started working at the church my husband worked at in NC just after we left last summer. I have a feeling that if we lived in the same place, we'd be best buds!

My roomies and travel buddies: Katie B. and Laura Swann!

My girl Sarah Taylor- we have LOTS of connections, but we're from the same town and went to high school together. God is doubling their family size this year- through adoption (Uganda) AND pregnancy!

In addition to the amazing community, was the amazing teaching. I learned SO MUCH but I think the main "themes" of what God taught me were these things:

1. It doesn't matter at what age you bring an adopted child into your home. From day 1, 5 months, 5 years, 15 years, etc... every child has to heal. There are things that may manifest at different ages, and as parents we must be ready and available to guide the healing process. This is a BIG responsibility BUT God is the one who heals them, not us. We need to be compassionate and open to discussing things with our children and then trust God to do His work!

2. There are many tools available to help the attachment/healing process. Cocooning (more info to come on that) is a starting ground, but this is a lifelong process. Our kids can't be healed in 3 months. We were given lots of practical advice on how to help our kids, and what types of things are not effective and are very effective.

3. In order to best love and equip our children, we must understand how God loves and equips us. If we don't see ourselves as God sees us, then we won't know how to teach the Holy Spirit, or grace to our kids.

4. There is a big, big need out there for orphan care, advocacy, and adoption. There are some AMAZING organizations that are already on the ground in some very needed areas! Check these out:

5.  Community is so necessary. I already knew this, but experiencing it this weekend with all of these amazing mamas was so good for my heart! It was so wonderful celebrating and aching with these women. God is so good to give us what we need. 

Can't wait to go back again!!!


  1. Wonderful to hear about this conference! I hope to attend one next year.


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