Ethopia Trip One: Traveling Home

I guess I never officially wrapped up our travel posts... because I forgot these photo gems.

Let me just say that all my husband had to do was tuck his shirt in his super cool "travel pants" (and show off his passport holder).

 And I... well I didn't make a single adjustment for this photo. Yes, I was wearing tennis shoes and a skirt, with my jacket around my waist. Like all the cool travelers. What you didn't see was that I wore knee-high compression socks on the plane with this outfit.

Thank you Addis airport for reminding me to take out my gasoline, magnets, poison, fire extinguisher, and paint from my checked luggage.

I guess it is safe to say that we got a fit of the giggles when we were in the Addis airport. I think it was being drained from such an emotional day, lack of sleep for over a week, or the fact that we were trying to ignore the fact that we were leaving Ethiopia.

Here's to traveling in style!


  1. You two are so stylin' :). Did the socks work?

  2. @Courtney I think so. I bought the cheap kinds from CVS for $10 (Will got some nice ones that he can use for running later off amazon). I never had swelling, but I have bigger calves and sometimes they would hurt a bit so I'd have to readjust them so they wouldn't cut off circulation, haha. I didn't have any swelling though from them. I'll probably wear them again next trip.

  3. I just had a chance to catch up on all your posts from your first trip! I am sitting here in my kitchen in TEARS! SO, so precious, Rebekah. Israel is just an absolute doll! I am so happy for ya'll! Praying that you hear news of embassy submission soon! You did a great job of writing about your trip, and I love seeing all the HH pics! Makes me so excited to go there!!! :)


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