Three Things to Pray For

1. We found out Israel is sick AGAIN with the same infection that he just recovered from two weeks ago. Boo. This is the third time we've gotten the "he's sick" call and it is no fun! But even though we hate those updates, I am thankful that we get them at all. I am glad that AGCI keeps us informed so we know how to specifically pray for our little man! It seems that all the Hannah's Hope kiddos keep passing the same junk around to each other, which doesn't make any of us mamas happy! We're all about teaching our kids to share but NOT with germs! Hopefully this will give him a rock-star immune system but in the mean time please pray for him to feel better and for the medicine to protect him from future infections.

2. So although we just got our FDL fingerprints redone (they expired February 12, 2012) our CLEARANCE expires May 20, 2012. Which means we have to do a whole round of paperwork again to extend our clearance. Confused a bit? Me too. All I know is that PAPERWORK.NEVER.ENDS. I may have cried a bit when I looked at our new FDL and saw that it already needed to be updated. We don't want to take any risks that our nearly expiring clearance is what holds us up from bringing our son home this spring.

3. We're doing another yard sale NEXT WEEK! Yes I looked at the 10-day forecast and saw that next Saturday the high is 60 degrees! Beautiful weather for a February yard sale! Please pray for that day for us! We have had success with our last two yard sales (made $4,000 between the both of them) and although we highly doubt that is the the outcome of this one next week, any bit helps! With travel costs being around $5,000 per trip, plus facing the fact that we will have to continue to pay the $500 monthly care fee beyond April, we could use a little extra adoption funds if we don't for sure get this Lifesong grant! I spent about four hours yesterday pricing the goods that we have so far, and we anticipate a few more families donating so I think we will have a LOT of nice stuff to sell! Woo-hoo! So please put February 11th on your calendar- either come to shop or pray where you are! We need both :)


  1. Rebekah, I have things at my house set aside to bring you!! Will you guys be around this weekend? Praying for little man's healing and for no more sickness!!


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