Baby Shower!

This Sunday several precious ladies from our church hosted a BEAUTIFUL shower for us! They were so thoughtful in the way they decorated and planned for the event. It was so special to me because of all of the details that they used to make it personal! They even had little pictures of Israel all over the place (all edited here so you can't see him, sorry!)- and I loved showing off our little man!

The setup:

The hostesses:

It was also very special because my mom, paternal grandmother, and my mother in law all made the trip to visit! I am constantly spoiled by these ladies but they made a trip to show our Jacksonville family that there are some loving grandmas only a phone call away!

We got SO much stuff at the shower and it was so humbling to have the support of so many people!

This is what our nursery looked like this morning (via phone- sorry for the poor quality):

I promise to post another nursery update soon, as several things have been in place since the last pictures I posted! It is really coming together and that makes this mama SO happy! I can't wait for Israel to be here and to wear the cute clothes and play with the sweet toys! AHHHH I am so ready!!


  1. Oh my! LOVE the decorations from the shower, sooo cute!!!! And you are a beautiful friend!!!

  2. Such cute shower decor! What sweet, sweet ladies. You guys and Israel are so loved!

  3. What a sweet shower!!! So fun!!!


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