Four Months Old!

Dear Israel,

Today you are four months old! This is also a special day because exactly FOUR years ago your dad and I went on our very first date! We had no idea then that there would be a precious boy in Ethiopia who would captured our hearts and make us love eachother more, and give us a bigger idea of how much God loves us!

Son, this past month we had several big things happen! First, we got some adorable videos where we finally heard your voice for the first time! It was just a brief coo, but it was so amazing and we have watched that video on repeat probably hundreds of times.

This month was also a very big milestone because your preliminary court date occurred. Baby it is so bittersweet for me to think that you are young and won't remember all of what is going on. In one breath I am so thankful that you won't remember any of the time we are spending apart, and that you'll really only remember life with us. But I am also grieved at the losses that are already occurring, as you are being separated from the culture of your heritage and the people who birthed you. I wish I could be there to experience every day with you so I could replay it all to you one day! I hope we will honor your birth family and Ethiopia as you grow up, I want you to be proud of your background and to praise God who orchestrated every detail of your life.

A week after your preliminary court date, we received the news that we have our court date and we will be on a plane very soon to meet you! After many sleepless nights we finally have a countdown until you are in our arms, Israel! You have no idea the joy you have given us already and we don't even know you. Baby never doubt that your parents love you and wouldn't move mountains to get to you! We are working very hard to have everything in order for you. Your precious community here has showered you with gifts and is just as ready to see your sweet face in person! We are praying daily for you and your caregivers! We cannot, cannot, CANNOT wait until we can finally hear that little coo in person!

This month you also were sick twice! I don't like hearing that you are sick, and to hear twice that you had to get on medications just breaks mommy's heart. I can't wait until you are home and I can be the one to rock you when you aren't feeling well. I can't promise that you won't be sick but I promise to love you and be there to kiss you when you aren't feeling well!

Sweet boy it pains me to think that each month passing is another month without you in our home. I know that when I write your five month letter, you still won't be here. But the good news is, we will have met you! We love you sweet baby. We miss you and we are counting down the hours until we can hold you and tell you that you are loved by us. We're coming Israel!



  1. Looking forward to you finally getting that little guy in your arms. You have been so patient and waited so long.


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