When You Want a Baby but Don't Have One

If you didn't know already, infertility didn't have a role in our journey to adopt. We never went though the agony of waiting each month for a positive pregnancy test, but I think I'm beginning to understand what that may be like. You see, for the past two + weeks, every day I have woken up thinking that "this is the day!" and it hasn't happened. And for the record, we're 19 months into this adoption process, not that we're counting, right? So that is 19 months of dreaming about a sweet baby, anticipating a special phone call that announces us parents, and writing the words "REFERRAL" on our facebook pages and blog.

But I have got to take captive my thoughts. I cannot focus on what I don't have. I cannot dream about the time when I'll be a mom and miss this time that I'm not one. I cannot wallow in a pity party of things that the Lord has not given me yet.

Today Will played a game with me. He came in, saw that I was disappointed in another day passing, and  redirected my thoughts. He said, "What is true?" And I had to go through all the things I knew to be true. God is good. He is faithful. He loves me. He loves our baby more than I do. He has greater plans that we know. His desire is for orphans to have families. He withholds no good things from His children. He is close to the brokenhearted and comforts us.
So that's what I'm choosing to do- focus on what is true. Because focusing on timelines, guessing the timing of our referral, being frustrated with the process- those are not bringing me to Truth. Keep me accountable and cover us in prayer- we need the Lord's grace to do this.


  1. Good to know we all have those days :). I need to make a cute page for the fridge that lists out these things that are true. Such great reminders. Praying!

  2. Girl, I love this! Brought tears to my eyes!!! You are so right...we have to cling to what is TRUE!

  3. And it is that truth that alone will carry you and your husband through the adoption wait.

  4. His truth always puts things back into perspective! Hang in there friend! Keep clinging to what is truth! Proud of you!

  5. "Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" Romans 12:12


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