What's The Difference Between Home Study Packet and Dossier

I have received several questions about what the packet was that we sent in last week, and what is the dossier paperwork.

Home Study History Packet (sent in before we can be matched with our Social Worker to do a home study assessment):
2 Autobiographies
Marriage and Birth Certificates
Employment Verification
Pictures of us and our home
Tax forms
Proof of Life and Heath Insurances
Guardianship Letter
Financial Statement
Information Release Forms/Sworn Statement/Hague Disclosure

2 Power of Attorney Forms -done, 1 still needs to be certified
Application Letter -done
2 Passport Photos- R done
2 Notarized Copies of Passports -W done
Photographs of our family and home -still need to be organized
Home Study (to get our assessment to finish this, we had to send in the above packet)
Employment verification -done
Financial Statement
Birth Certificates for both of us, and Marriage Certificate -done
Medical Forms for both of us -done
Criminal Checks for both of us -done
2 Letters of Recommendation
Post-Adoption Commitment Letter -done

There is some crossover in the things we needed for the homestudy and what we will need to finish our dossier. There may be variation in what each home study agency requires of its clients, this is what ours asked of us before we could be matched with a social worker. Hope this helps!


  1. For my agency, the dossier forms had to be originals (and often notarized), whereas the homestudy packets A & B could be photocopies.

    Yes, there was overlap. However, the dossier will be getting approval in D.C. I believe and then sent to Ethiopia. That is why it contains originals and they are very specific about what it contains (ie: no staples removed from any forms for the extra copies of the dossier)

    The homestudy packets stay at your agency (at least that is what I believe)

    Of course maybe I am clueless, but that is what I believe. At least I feel like I may be being useful. :-)

  2. OK.. I had too little caffeine. I missed the point that you were explaining it to others. ;)


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