Homestudy Update

I just found out that our homestudy packet is safely in our agency's hands (Not AGCI, our homestudy agency). An email from the homestudy coordinator last week said:

"Hi Rebekah - Once we receive the packet, it will be reviewed. It can sometimes take a week or so to do this – depending on the volume of cases we receive at that time. I will try to expedite yours as quickly as possible. Then I will assign a social worker to work with you on the homestudy and let you know who that is. We then send the social worker a copy of part of your case record. Once the SW’er receives that, she will contact you directly to set up the first appointment."

Let's hope that the ball gets rolling sooner than later! Yay for expediting!


  1. yay! they were great to work with... so many scary SW stories out there, i was so glad to be working with them!

  2. Hooray! So exciting to be moving forward!! :)

  3. Whoohoo getting closer to that wait list!!!


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