Celebrate Adoption 5K

Sunday we went to downtown Raleigh, and Will raced in the "Celebrate Adoption 5K" that benefited A Child's Hope Adoption Services. It was really neat to see the many adoptive families and even a large group of birthmothers. We feel privileged to be a part of the adoption community, and excited to see so many families celebrating it!

I am so proud of Will for running hard in the 95 degree heat- there was NO shade on the whole course! It was so hot!! There were a lot of people out running, and it was so neat to see all the people who care about adoption. Will did a great job- he placed 3rd in his age division, and 14th overall!

We found another resource for us- there is a group of adoptive families that meet together regularly. The kids get to spend time together, as well as the parents. We have also learned of another group, specific to Ethiopian adoptions- but all resources are welcome!!


  1. that's awesome! and yesterday was HOT for sure!

  2. How awesome!

    And, finding families who look like ours and spending time with them is so wonderful for us and for the girls. Glad you found a group near you!


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