Orientation Packet Mailed!

We had a conference call on Monday that walked us through all of the materials we were mailed last week. Our inquiry person at AGCI has been so precious and informative. Even though this feels like quite a bit of paperwork already, we know the dossier will be A LOT more! I am so thankful that a coworker of mine is a notary, and has agreed to notarize our documents throughout the adoption process. After triple checking our notarized forms, we mailed them along with the biggest check we've ever written! All day long I had been shaky and nervous, but it is SO RELIEVING to have all of that in the mail!

We are going to Alabama on Friday and plan to tell my parents, siblings, and friends about the adoption. I cannot wait! I feel like I am about to burst- I can't wait for the news to be out in the open! Our adoption announcement cards are addressed and ready to be mailed as well.

Hopefully, next week we will hear back from AGCI about our contract, and receive our adoption planner and dossier material. Let's get this party started!!!

We have checked "no preference" on boy/girl, but have specified that we would like a child 0-12 months. This no preference deal sure is saving us from going out and buying a lot of stuff! Otherwise I would be so tempted to buy all of the cute clothes and shoes that I stare at every time I go to Target. One day!

And praise God who is orchestrating the timing of this entire process, who has lead us to this point, financially provided for the first step of the adoption, and who we trust will bring to completion the good works that He started!


  1. Congratulations! We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to walk with you every step of the way. The Lord is so GOOD and so FAITHFUL!! What a joy it will be to watch Him bless you even more than you can imagine as He builds your family. Love ya'll!!

  2. I have a feeling you will have a boy ;-)


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