Application Sent In!

Well, as intended: we sent in our application on April 1! We checked, double-checked, and triple checked the paperwork the night before and morning of sending it off. Our friends who adopted told us we should know something within a week or so! We are getting anxious to spread the news to friends and family!

Will thought it would be funny to show me and my belly along the process. Let's hope mine does not grow at the rate that a pregnant mother's does. Haha!

When Will went to send off our application, our friend Jared paid for the postage. It is sweet to know that this is just the beginning of how the Lord is already providing for this adoption, and the support we already have.

In the meantime, we have been working on some adoption announcement cards and trying to figure out how exactly we are going to tell our family about the adoption. We hope they will be as excited as we are!