Dossier Run-Through

Sigh of relief... we were able to reschedule our phone call and did it tonight. AGCI recommended that if both parents will be working on the paperwork, that we both be on the call. We have a couple of things that we can move to the priority list, or "get to when you can" list. It is nice to see things broken down instead of a giant cloud hanging over our heads. We will conquer!!

In other news, we have taken 3 of our 6 online courses with Adoptive Learning Partners, and they were not bad at all! Since I have a social work undergraduate degree, I have been excited to see what the flip side is of the parenting education/social work recipient. The information learned so far will be helpful in conversations with friends/family members. We have also been crawling our way through "Eyes Wide Open" workbook. On the dossier run-through tonight, the case manager said that some parents make a getaway weekend where they get all of their education stuff done. Sounds fun to me! Now, if only we could find a free weekend, with a free getaway, haha!

Keep praying for us to get it all done in a timely manner, and for Will, as he is swamped with grad school and two jobs. We can't wait to meet our baby, the light at the end of this tunnel!


  1. yay! i'm glad you had the call!!! let me know if you discover a free getaway :-)

  2. ahh the EWO workbook.. such fuuuuun huh? lol :) You shall conquer!

  3. It is reassuring to see other people have conquered and survived...


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