Conference Call

Today we had a conference call with AGCI regarding the new changes in Ethiopia law regarding two trips. They are speculating that once you have your referral, there will be around 2-6 weeks before the first trip, which will last 5-7 days. While there, we cannot take our child back to the hotel with us, because the child will not be technically "ours" yet. The second trip will happen between a month and three months later, so it is not practical to stay in Ethiopia, as the times may vary and can be unpredictable. This means that we have another $6,000 or so to trust God for. He will provide! We are working on our application stuff now, and hope to send it in by my birthday.

Our sweet friends Heather and Brian, who already have their little Ethiopian baby (who is the cutest EVER, seriously, the standards are set high!), have really encouraged us that this change is a good thing. We will get to meet our child earlier, we will have a lot of pictures and videos to take back, we get to visit Africa twice, and the child may bond with us sooner when we finally bring him/her home.

We were also encouraged in the conference call that AGCI has always been able to find adoptive children for the adoptive families, they have never had court cases dropped so that the family never got a child. They have had families have up to 4 court dates, but they still got a child. Also, if for some terrible reason Ethiopia closed in the process, our agency would advocate on our behalf and we would end up with a child- be it Ethiopian or not.

Praise Him who knows all of these things, and already has it worked out!