No Red Flags!

We got a call around lunchtime from the AGCI Inquiry Coordinator that our pre-application has "no red flags." Because of our age, we have been asked to submit a financial worksheet, but we are set to submit our APPLICATION by April 1st, my 23rd birthday. The call came at a perfect time, as my dad had a heart attack this week and we needed the good news. We are itching to tell people about what is going on, but are trying to stick with our application approval for telling our friends and family about our adoption.

Ethiopia also made a few changes this week. Instead of one trip to pick up our child, we will have to make two trips, and will appear in court instead of an agency member representing us in Ethiopia. The positives: we get to see our child sooner, we get two trips to Africa, we will know how to prepare our home better, we will build stronger community with our fellow adoptive parents, and finally, we know that God is the one in charge and His plan is better than anything.