How We Got Here

We are sure that as we embark on this "journey" towards expanding our family, people will wonder and ask why we are choosing adoption when we may be capable of having biological children. Additionally, our decision may surprise some, when it has actually been discussed between us for several months now.

-For several months we have been seeing God open our hearts and challenge us to the endless possibilities in His grace. We have questioned ourselves about our readiness to trust Him and have seen that He is good, He is our Sustainer, and His plans are better than we could imagine. Through sermons, scriptures, conversations and examples of adoption in our personal friends, we have been shown that adoption was not only a beautiful option for a Christian family, but a necessary and right decision for us.

-We have been privileged to watch our dear friends' adoption from Ethiopia, as they waited and finally brought home their son. The beautiful picture of the gospel that was portrayed through their obedience to Christ's call and unconditional love to their son greatly stirred our own desires to adopt. We are excited to also testify to God's adoption of ourselves, as we embrace a child through this process.

-We know this will be different than a biological child. Obviously, there will be no biological pregnancy. When my sister was pregnant and finally at the hospital to deliver HB, I was privileged to be at the hospital with her. My mom was also there and I remember knowing that it would be different for me. At the time, I was imagining that our first child would be born in a tent or in a hospital overseas, but now I see that the peace I was given then was pointing me towards adoption for our first child. Again, my sister-in-law had a baby in January and I knew that our situation would be different. Instead of our family huddling in a hallway of a hospital to greet a newborn, they might be gathered in an airport waiting to greet us at the end of a terminal. There may be a challenging beginning as we all transition, and there will definitely be continued conversations about adoption with our child.

This is not a whim of a decision, but something that has been thought-out, discussed, whispered and cried over. We could not be more excited to say yes.