Third trimester Recap

I'm at the end!!!! Hooray!

Lord-willing, this week I will have a baby girl in my arms!

The third trimester has gone by pretty fast (thank you holidays!). I think I've been "done/over-it" for a few weeks now as the general late pregnancy discomfort has taken over. You know, the classic symptoms!

There are still days where Will and I look at each other in disbelief that I am pregnant and that we are actually about to become a family of five, starting all over again with a new baby! I recently re-read a few baby books and it is just amazing how much you black out and forget about the tiny baby stage. I'm excited to NOT be pregnant anymore but definitely a little nervous about being a mom to a tiny babe again.

We have been slowly acquiring the baby goods we need, and Edith has LOVED having new baby toys. As soon as I set up something new (pack and play, carseat) she puts a baby doll in it. We talk about the baby all the time and she wants to give my stomach (and Will's!) kisses. We have watched the Daniel Tiger gets a baby sister episode repeatedly. I don't really know what Israel understands about all of this but I'm sure he will be an adoring big brother! I also hope he can call the baby by name because he still calls Edith "Baby" as a name.

A few bump pictures:

31 weeks at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

33 weeks in front of Flatiron Building:

33/34 weeks: 


34 week:


38 weeks:

NO MORE BUMP PICTURES!!!!!! Next view: baby McGee!