Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a good day for us this year! We started the morning by opening presents that Nana and Papa mailed us. 

In the afternoon we went to church and had a lovely Christmas Eve service.

Will did a little devotion for the kids and Israel had a front - row seat.

I feel like this is a perfect representation of Pastor's kids. Everybody else is back with their parents and my kids are the crazy ones. I decided to take my people into the hallway after this because I didn't want to wrangle Edith and Israel while Will preached. Edith had already done a few laps around the auditorium at this point. 

We ended up hanging out until after 7. I can't say enough that I have just LOVED all the community-building opportunities we have had this fall with our church. Potluck soup lunch, Christmas Party, watching the marathon together and even my baby shower! It has been really sweet getting to spend time with everyone and I feel more connected to these people as my church family! It was a really lovely way to spend Christmas Eve.