GaGa and Pop Visit: Fort Hamilton

 GaGa and Pop came in town and we went to the Fort Hamilton Tree Lighting on Friday night. There was a carousel, music, fried oreos and Santa. :)

I think this picture was when the ride stopped: Israel is not a fan of good things ending.

The kids were given candy canes that were glow in the dark. When Santa came in to the Fort, we decided to hurry over to where the pictures were going to be taken so that we could be at the front of the line. Edith wanted to decorate the tree with her candy canes.

Israel listening to music to reset him:

So, the kids were not actually upset about seeing Santa until chaos erupted. Kids were cutting in line, parents were yelling at Santa. It got really overwhelming and Edith started crying because she WANTED to see Santa, and Israel was reacting to the people freaking out around him. So our Santa pictures are somewhat misleading - they weren't terrified of Santa, but the situation was just a little crazy.

Saturday morning we opened presents with the McGees. Haley (Will's sister) and Micah came in Friday night so it was special to have time with them too!

We were so blessed by our family! :) Loved having them in town at the same time.