Coney Island visits #2 and #3

I posted about our first summer trip to Coney Island here. We went back twice with friends recently!

We took my brother Daniel and his wife Lindsey. The kids loved the rides! We went the day that Israel started walking, and Will took him on a big boy roller coaster- which he loved! We went on the carousel right after and when it stopped Israel threw up all over him!

Of course a stop at Nathan's is necessary!

We went back again with our friends Sarah and Justin and tried the beach out for the first time this year! We didn't go into Luna Park at all but we did go by Nathan's again on the way out!

The kids LOVED the beach. Last year Israel didn't like the waves but he was really into it this year. Edith was clutching Justin's shorts most of the time but they both loved the waves and Edith liked building "sandcastles!"

Bump watch: Sarah is expecting her first baby this fall!

It's so great having a beach and amusement park just 15 minutes away from our place! We will definitely be back, although the beach / sand is so much work when it is all over! Especially when we don't have a washer and dryer!