Library Thursdays

Every Thursday, the kids and I load up and go to our little local library for Storytime. I can't brag enough on our local library. I love the staff there, and they really do a great program every week. The librarian in charge of children's activities, Kimberly, is so patient with my kids and never makes me feel bad when my children are out of control. Every week Israel clings (literally) to her legs and tries to take books out of her hands. Every week Edith messes with stuff she shouldn't. Every week one or both of my kids makes repeated attempts to escape the room. Yet the staff is SO patient and so gentle with them. I'm so appreciative of their graciousness to our family! They cheer Israel on for walking and make me feel welcome every week.

I pulled a few photos off of the library facebook page. I'm so thankful that someone took these to document these weekly adventures. (The ones of my kiddos + the Casey kiddos being BFFs just melt my heart. Love that family!)

I love going every week and seeing my friends and their kiddos. It's a great little 30 minute break from our house, even on the not-successful weeks I'm thankful for a place to go to get us out of the house for a minute. The past few weeks one of our favorite college girls, Calli, has been coming with me so that has been a HUGE help to have an extra hand when both kids are in escape mode!

Thanks sweet JPL for being such a great and welcoming place to even crazy kiddos!