House Showings, Spring & Filling the Days

Here's a few insights into my brain these days.

1. Our house is on the market. It's been on the market since October.... and no, we don't own our home. We are renters. Our landlord is really nice and promises not to boot us out on a really short notice if/when it sells. However, we have been in the uneasy when-is-it-going-to-sell mode since October, which means that every time we have a house showing it could mean that we are homeless. :) Speaking of which, why do house showings occur ONLY when your house is a complete wreck? We have one scheduled for tomorrow, and we recently decided to take EVERYTHING out of our office to decide what we wanted to keep and purge.

2. Spring. Ahhhh the season change! I am so thankful for the warmer weather and the opportunities to get out of the house. We are spending lots of time outside and I have watched each day as the buds on the bare trees turn into blooms and leaves. The revival of the foliage just stirs something in my heart. He is making all things new, each season, each day. What a refreshing thought for my heart because I am so in need of restoration. I need that reminder that even though the trees may be barren now, there will be blooms tomorrow.

3. Filling our days. I have decided that I am truly an extrovert, and if there are two consecutive days without much people interaction, then I will go crazy. I'm trying to spend time with our college friends and other friends as much as possible, because I know that if my tank is full - then it will pour over into my little people. I've had a lot of work on my plate lately, and that also fills my heart tank. I love being a part of the foster care process and getting to talk with prospective families about how they can serve the needy children in our community. We just started Edith back in UCP's daycare on Mondays and I'm really excited about having a full day to work and also to clean and do whatever needs to happen if/when we are booted out of our house (see point #1).

Overall, we are relying fully on God's grace and the Holy Spirit. I was talking to a foster family recently, and one of my questions for the home study is "How important is it to be a Christian while raising children?" and they said, "It's hard raising kids no matter what, I can't imagine doing it without Christ." AMEN. I'm so thankful for the grace and new mercies that I receive when I fail so often.