Keep Stepping

Today I saw Israel take about 5 steps on his own in his walker. He's taken some unassisted steps before, but typically after he's gotten some momentum like going down a slope. Today he moved on a flat surface after he was stopped - he knew where he wanted to go and he started going in that direction. THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!

I just have to document this little milestone. In March 2015 we saw an answer to prayer. Unassisted steps in the walker! This was a dream we had years ago in a meeting with our therapy team. We didn't know if it would ever be possible - the little boy who refused to bear weight on his feet, now he LOVES to stand. He stands on the trampoline almost all day at home, he wants to stand next to his sister to watch TV. He walks into church and school down long hallways. He is a big boy and he's going to do BIG things!

In related news, we have a bungee cord thing that we now use to pull Israel along. It is a back-saver! I'm so thankful for this pull system, it allows me to pull Israel and carry or guide Edith. It's made me more confident that we can go places just the three of us. Israel is getting really heavy so it's not easy to carry him and let Edith walk. I'm thankful that we can make using his walker all the time a bit easier.

This time last year we were rejoicing because Israel was just starting to move in a walker. With a therapist literally picking up his foot each step, he was walking about 20 steps. That felt like a miracle. Here we are, and he's really moving. I believe big things for this kid. In 2015, he's going to be stepping and moving on his own with his walker. Celebrate with me friends! God is faithful!