Six Year Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my best friend! Today is our 6th wedding anniversary, and I just have to say that I am so thankful to be in the lifelong journey with Will. Every year I am more and more thankful to be married to him. He is a man of integrity who loves the Lord, has passion for discipling others, and wants to see people's lives changed for the gospel. He weeps at moving art, giggles at Buzzfeed articles, and reads more books in a year than I could count. He's smart, good-looking, talented and silly. I'm just the luckiest person and so thankful that our paths crossed seven years ago and that he chose ME to be his wife!

This past year was one of compromises and dreams. We both made huge steps in our academic goals- me finishing my MSW, him finishing his PhD courses and passing his comprehensive exams. We saw the Lord do amazing things in our ministry, and we made some fun memories. We went to an Auburn game, a Pentatonix concert, a Carnival cruise! This past year had some definite low points: burying three grandparents, getting the CP diagnosis for Israel, facing unknowns, and dealing with stress over schedules and day-to-day life. We've fought, we've repented, we've clung to the gospel. This last year chipped away at our sinful shells as we are being renewed each day to be made into Christ's likeness.

I love you Will McGee! I'm so thankful for 6 amazing years, here's to many more!