Edith: 18 Months Old

Dear Edie,

You are 18 months old! You are a ball of spunk and fun. You love to tinker and play, you want to open every cabinet and touch everything. You are fearless and an adventurer! You will go down slides by yourself and climb up playground equipment meant for big kids. You climb on tables and get stuck in weird places. The other day I caught you unscrewing your crib. You keep us on our toes and make us nervous and excited about your future. If you are this spunky at 18 months, what is your future going to be like?!

Your vocabulary is taking off! I have no idea all the things you know. You and Israel say the same things - but my favorite new words you have are "wee!" when you go down a slide, and "bubbles!" when you see them. You are so stinking cute! Your favorite toy is Dog Dog, your gray stuffed animal. You now have two identical Dog Dogs since your cousin gave you hers! You loved stuffed animals.

Your play is really creative. You have turned your play high chair over and you use it as a slide. You are good at puzzles and you love to feed your stuffed animals saying "nom nom nom" as you feed them. You copy me when I make airplane noises when I try to feed you.

Speaking of feeding... you are a picky eater. You would eat fruit all day long, especially bananas and blueberries. You are pretty decent with a fork. We've been kind of weaning with the paci, and you only get it in the crib or in the car sometimes. You know to toss it behind when you are done with nap. You don't want to be rocked or coddled for naptime, we just put you in your crib and you fall right asleep, holding your Dog Dog and various other stuffed animals.

You love dress up and wearing bunny ears and beads. You blow kisses and prance around like you own the place. Edith, you are very much a diva princess still. You love Daniel Tiger to a very crazy degree. When we stop by your dad's church office you will run up and down the hallways, open every cabinet and wave at everyone. You are still a handful at Sunday School, because you prefer to roam free.

We're so proud of you, Edie Pete. We love you so much and we are just smitten with you. You bring us so much joy and laughter. You have so many cute facial expressions and you do the cutest things. We love you baby girl!