Enjoying Work

As I mentioned before, the last few months I have wrestled with my calling in this particular season. I'm happy to report that the Lord has been so faithful in reminding me of His purpose and His faithfulness to me in this place.

Of course, the day-to-day is not always glamorous, but I'm really loving being a stay at home mom and seeing my kids grow up and learn new things. Of course, I could not do this at all without my "village"!!!

We have a pretty nice routine:

Mondays and Wednesdays Israel goes to daycare at the cerebral palsy center. I can't say enough wonderful things about our UCP branch. I love these people, they love Israel, and he has flourished under their care over the past few years. He loves school and on school mornings he pats the back door asking when he can "go?!" He giggles when we pull in the parking lot and beams as we walk into the school. The precious lunch workers give him kisses as he walks down the hall and he works hard with his awesome teachers all day. Meanwhile, Edith and I have good time together. We run errands and just play at home. It's during this time I really get to invest in her and see her little imagination at its best. I usually have to wake Edie up from her nap to go pick Israel up, and then we have the afternoon to take walks, watch for daddy out the window and play outside if the weather's nice.

Monday nights Will goes to Engage /college ministry (on the rare day we have a babysitter I get to go too!) so he tries to come home early and spend an hour or so with the kids before he heads back to the church until late at night.

Tuesdays Israel goes to Kitty Stone Elementary for 3 hours where he is in a pre-k class and receives therapy. I also have a college bible study on Tuesday nights and that is one of my favorite parts of the week. My dear friend Brittany and I co-lead this group, and we have some amazing students that we are getting to know and love.

Thursdays Israel gets an hour of therapy at Kitty Stone, so I usually drop him off and run a quick errand or two with Edith during that time. Often we will stop by and see Will at work because he leaves the house at 5:30 on Thursday mornings to lead "Pastor School" - a class he is teaching to 20-something young men who want to go into ministry! After we pick up Israel we usually hang out at home, watch Elmo and wait for storytime at the library. We go almost every week. I have much more to say on this but I love our little library and I'm so thankful for their patience with my little crew.

Friday mornings Israel gets another hour of therapy in the morning (I sit in this one with him) and we sometimes get a family day if Will has the day off.

We've got a routine and I like it. Sometimes I am bursting to get out of the house, but the day-to-day is really fun. Israel is really picking up on things and wanting to stand and say new things all the time. Edith is so imaginative and silly.

In other news, I have the opportunity to do several more homestudies with the agency I am contracted with. I was able to begin the interviews for one family this week and I just have to say it is such an honor to sit with prospective foster families and hear their stories and be a part of their journey into fostering and adopting. I've been in their shoes as a prospective adoptive parents and it can be scary to not really know what is ahead. I love being able to use my gifts, education and experience and be a part of adoption and foster care in this way. The hours I get to do this work really energizes me and makes me feel so blessed.

So that's our little world right now. Lots of chauffeuring and playing and the occasional interviews and writing. I'm thankful for it and taking it for what it is... a good gift.


  1. sounds like a great little routine! glad you were able to get work doing home studies! I love meeting my families.


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