Summertime at Last (random musings)

Summertime and the living is easy! Here is a jumbled rambling of my brain:

I've neglected this online space because we are still figuring out summer and my role as SAHM again. I have many things I want to document here but can't motivate myself. It's crazy that it is already June! The kids are both busy on the move around the house, and I have still been playing catch-up from a year of neglect on household chores. I'm also doing some very part-time contract work, and that has kept me busy this week.

I am excited to figure out what our new normal is, being done with school and having two active little ones. I need to make myself study for the social work license exam but I haven't studied one thing or taken one practice test yet. Instead of studying, I checked out 2 library books and started a 1000 piece puzzle last week. Priorities, people.

Our days have been filled with rotating from one play area to the next in our house, going to the pool, playing on the water table on the front porch, and taking walks. I've been heavily relying on our college students to hang out with me and the kids! I recently put up baby gates in a few places around the house because Edith is pulling up and the kids like to get stuck in places, or find leftover crumbs from who knows when. They take the baby gates very personally and are beyond angry that I have infringed on their freedom. The kids have had many doctor visits lately and I feel like I'm always packing a diaper bag that is 90% entertainment, 5% food and 5% diapers. We're keeping the puffs industry in business.

Will is taking a week-long trip to NYC with our college students on a mission trip soon, and I am going to take the kids down to Opelika to see family. Although I dread the travel and the kids' confusion from broken routines, it sure will be nice to have backup with grandparents! We regularly facetime with grandparents because it helps calm the kids down and break up the day. Thank the Lord for technology!

 I'm setting a few goals for myself this summer: study for the MSW license (ugh), have a yard sale and clean out the garage, do a few updates around the house, sew something, read a few books, and make weekly meal plans to cook healthy meals for my family.

What are you up to this summer? Any goals? Any big plans? How do you make it through the day with your kiddos?