Edith: Ten Months Old

Dear Edie,

Sweet girl, you are 10 months old! You are growing so much these days. You're starting to wear 12 month clothes and you just look like a big girl now, not a baby. You believe that you are a big girl too. No more babyfood for you- you want to self-feed and do things yourself. You love crackers and table food, especially soft carrots. You still haven't figured out your sippy cup but you love to bang it on your high chair. When you're not particularly hungry you will drop cheerios or whatever food is on your plate off the chair onto the floor. It's not as funny as you think it is! We're still nursing several times a day but I'm starting to put my foot down that you do not need to eat in the middle of the night anymore! For the most part you sleep through the night but there are still nights where you cry for me. I'm hoping you become a better sleeper soon!

You still have only two bottom teeth, but you're always gnawing on toys and drooling so I'm sure there are more coming soon! You had a double ear infection this month so you were on an antibiotic again. Even with a double ear infection, you were a happy girl. You really are a delight- you love to smile and talk. You also love snuggling, and when you're not busy you will let us hold you, especially when you're tired.

We have nicknamed you "Edie the Adventurer" because no obstacle is too big for you. You are pulling up to stand, crawling on your hands and knees and transitioning out of sitting easily. You amaze me. You want to climb and find any thing that might interest you. Baby gates are no match for you! You have gained quite the collection of bruises over the last few weeks from falling or banging. You see challenges as opportunities, and I hope this is a trait that you always have. I can't wait to see your personality shape and hope that your adventurous spirit is one that honors God always. You and your brother are the "dynamic duo" and you love to play together and scoot around the house as a pair. I hope you will always be best buddies and that you will look out for each other.

We've had a few days this month where its been just me & you while your brother is at school. I love that time but I notice that you're always looking for Israel. I know you miss your best friend! When he's missing, you are very needy and demand that I sit with you while you play. You're still in daycare one day per week and you are doing great there. You're still a Diva Princess at times, but you enjoy playing with other kids and you go to other adults pretty easily.

Your favorite toys are anything with noise, your baby doll, the piano and balls. You would not survive without your Wubbanub pacis. You say "bah" to your baby and balls, so maybe that counts as words? You still wave when people say hi to you and you are saying mama. You love the pool and want to dive out of your float into the deep end. You love the attention that the big kids give you at the pool, and you will crawl in the direction of the deeper water so we have to keep a close eye on you!

All in all, you are a precious, happy girl. You are easy going and full of smiles and giggles. I'm so thankful for you and the joy and delight you bring us.

Love, Mama