Notes of Encouragement (Your participation needed!)

I posted on facebook last week an update that Israel had taken 23 steps during physical therapy that day. I was overwhelmed by the large number of people who commented and "liked" the status. The thing about facebook is that you can lose real-time connections with friends that you once were close with. People I knew from middle school, college, adoption conferences and camp were rooting for Israel. I was blown away that so many people have taken an interest in Israel's progress.

Then, today I posted a short (15 second) Instagram video of Israel walking out of therapy with his walker. After just a few hours, there were many likes and comments. Again, people I felt disconnected with after many years were rooting for him.

So that made me think- I wonder how far-reaching this boy's story is going? How many people are touched by Israel's perseverance and also hoping with us for his future?

So, I'm taking on a little project. If you are rooting for Israel, through prayer and hope; if Israel's story has touched you (either encouraging you to adopt or consider larger parameters), if his story of perseverance has challenged you, etc., would you let us know? You can be a complete stranger, a random person we knew once, or a dear friend. I would love to make a keepsake for him to show how many lives he has touched in his short life, and how many people hoped big things for him.

 I would like to make a book (and possibly a video?) for him and include little notes (1 or sentences- ish or less!) from anyone who has invested in his story - either how he has encouraged you or a note of encouragement for him ("Go, buddy!" etc). You can include a picture of yourself/your family if you want, or you can just put your name. It would be helpful if you included where you live. Email it to with the subject line: Encouragement for Israel. I will be working on this project for the next few weeks, but would love it if you can submit your info by July 1. So go ahead email your: name, location, picture and a brief message! Thanks so much!


  1. Hi, I'm a 14 year old Christian girl in Britain, I love Israel's story and love and respect your family. Besides being fun and cool, you're also very hard workers. I hope this small message will let you know that you're making a difference Internationally as well.!

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    1. I took the survey, thanks for thinking of me!


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