Israel: 27 Months


You are 2 and a quarter years old! :) You are the best little boy in the entire world. I'm SO SO SO proud to be your mama!

You are the funniest kid ever. You have the best facial expressions. You love to raise your eyebrows, make mean faces (especially when you're pooping), fake "surprise" faces, and silly smiles. Your trick now is patting your mouth when you sing and immediately clapping for yourself. You love praise! You will pretend to put food on the table next to your high chair and wait for me to tell you to put in your mouth, then you'll clap for yourself when you obey. Sometimes I don't catch you though and there will be a pile of food on the table (or floor) next to you! You are doing really good at self feeding, and we're still working on silverware. You like to hold your sippy cup in your mouth with no hands and you think you're really cool.

You crack yourself up a lot. I'll hear you laughing in your crib alone. You think your sister is the best, and sometimes you laugh at her when she's crying or making any noises. You love to touch her in the face, and tend to go for the eyeballs. I'm trying to work on "gentle touch" but you don't really listen.

Your favorite toys are your red car, yellow dump truck, your new basketball goal, and shaking your sister's playmat (especially when she's under it and it hits her face). You love rolling the ball with us and laughing as we chase it.

You recently started turning 360 degrees on your bottom when you're sitting! You will turn around to get whatever you're looking for. You are doing GREAT at standing and will watch TV standing while holding on to the coffee table. You also got a walker recently and you are doing really good holding on to the handles and standing. Recently you stood by yourself, not holding on to anything, for about 3 seconds!! If you do tummy time, you'll end up all over the room (typically not in the direction you are intending) - the other day I walked in and found you in between the TV stand and the wall where you wound up. It's not crawling but it is movement and we'll take it. You push up and then fall down and slowly shift around the room. Our therapists have noticed that you are getting stronger! I'm so proud!

You are SOOO VERBAL! You love to babble and you certainly know what you are talking about. You are getting better at communicating your needs because you reach for what you want and talk until we get what you're looking for. You still sing all the time, and wake up and fall asleep singing.

I'm so thankful for you! Israel, lately there have been times that I just tear up with thankfulness that you were chosen for us! What a gift you are to our family. I love you and I'm so proud of you. You've come so far and you are such a reminder to us of God's faithfulness.




  1. What a very inspiring post, Rebekah! Your writing style is awesome. I'm sure Israel is so thankful to have you as his parents. I know it's hard to raise a child, yet you are doing all your best to make him a good boy. Are you considering another adoption? :)

    Dean Glover @ AdoptionNetwork


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