Edith: Five Months Old

Dear Edie girl,

You are five months old!! Time is just happening way too fast for me. You are so big now. You're wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You love to stand with help, and your favorite activity is playing in the Johnny Jump Up. You roll over from tummy to back constantly and are almost rolling over from back to front. You maneuver around on your playmat to face different directions.

You love your brother and light up when you see him! You also enjoy your toys and chewing on them. You laugh easily and love to be thrown in the air and you love kisses! Your chubby, dimply cheeks are the best ever. You love bath time and get very quiet when you're in the bath.

This month I tried to sleep train you again. You're really an easy baby but you just miss me during the middle of the night! It was unsuccessful because I'm a sissy and can't handle you crying. We'll try again when I have tougher skin! In the mean time, you and I get up to nurse around 2-4 times a night! Whew! You can tell that you love to eat by those amazing leg rolls you are rocking! You're still in a pack and play in our room at night, and sometimes you end up in our bed. Ok, let's be honest... at least some point every night you end up in our bed. You're only little once, and you manage to take up the most room in the bed because I don't want any blankets or pillows near you!

tried cereal one night when you were looking so desperately at me while I fed your brother. You didn't like it at all and gave me the funniest faces. I'm in no hurry to speed up the growing up process so we will wait for food!

The biggest change this month was that you started school! You're at daycare on Mondays and Thursdays while I am working my internship. Everyone there said you are the sweetest baby and I agree! I'm so glad that everyone sees how easy to love you are. You are handling that transition very well and I'm so proud of you.

You are still our "DP" or Diva Princess. We are starting to see your silly, sassy personality come out and it is so fun! I can't wait to know you more as you get older. You are such a delight and I am so proud of you and thankful for the gift that you are. We love you very much.