There's More to Life than a Blog Post

After a weekend with lots of conversations about adoption, Israel and our life in general, I feel like I should make a public disclaimer that our life has many more facets than what is presented here on this little blog.

There are many things going on with Israel and his health that I just don't feel are appropriate to share on the internet, out of respect for him and his privacy. The story of his life in Ethiopia is still very private, in fact, Will and I are still the only people (aside from any case workers during the adoption) who know it. There are conversations that Will and I have about ministry, orphan care, future adoptions, where we see ourselves in the future, etc, that are just not ready to be made public... because we don't know what God has in store for us and we don't want to share things that aren't "officially" anything yet.

With that said, I must also confess that we do not have it "all together" and we are certainly constantly figuring out life: being parents, following Jesus, doing ministry, seeking holiness, etc. We fail, we need grace, we don't meet our own expectations sometimes. It is a humbling experience and, while I strive to keep an honest transparency here on the blog about most things, sometimes things don't make it here and that is ok by me.

My point in this is to remind myself and you, readers, that I am not a "mommy blog" worth following; my day to day is nothing special and I am still learning so much that I feel like I have so little to "teach". I am simply a girl following after Christ, desperately in need of grace. So I humbly thank you for being invested in our story; it is my desire that when you read this blog you don't see a little family that has it together or that you know every detail of our lives; I hope this is a safe space to document God's faithfulness to us and a place to recognize His goodness above all.

Thanks for reading!


  1. We all are! Blogs are just curated collections of the moments that make up our days...for the most part, the pretty pictures. That's normal. That said- it seems like you are doing an awesome job with your little man, and I have enjoyed following your journey- anticipating the time in the future where we may be able to take a similar journey (after my 12 month old starts sleeping through the night, that is!!!) Thank you for sharing...and FYI, my daughter and your little one seem to be on the same development track- just starting to bear weight on her legs and think about living life vertically. Every child gets there in his or her own time...but it can be hard not to compare her to other 1 year olds who are running circles around her!

  2. Oh goodness. If anyone thinks that a blog is a true picture of what life looks like then they are clueless. I don't think any of us write every single detail. There are sacred moments in life that are too big and special for the blog world, there are hard moments in life that are too much, too big and too hard for the blog world, there are crazy moments in life that just never make it on the blog because they are too crazy. I don't think any of us need to hold the others to super high standards when it comes to this blog stuff, it's just a snap shot of our lives. Little memories we want to keep. Love you friend, proud of you and how you use your blog.


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