Shout Out: Patrick and Ashley are getting close!

Some people may remember Patrick and Ashley from an earlier shout out. They are adopting domestically from San Diego and at the time had just begun the process. Within just one month of their birth mother letter being in there were considered and matched with a birth mother. It's incrediably fast and exciting for both of them. Their baby, gender not known, is due December 5th. Less than 50 days from now. They get frequent updates from the birth parents and have been meeting with adoption team to get things prepared. Not only do they have a lot of cost coming up very quickly they also have to prep for their little one. In less than two months they have to finish their home study, meet with lawyers and prep for baby. They also hope to finish their puzzle fundraiser mentioned before. They've sold 845 puzzle pieces and the puzzle is coming along great! They truly hope to finish the remaining pieces and hang in the nursery before they bring their baby home.

Their fundraiser: "Each puzzle piece is $5. The idea is you purchase a puzzle piece and then we write your name on the back of it. We frame the finished product and hang in our future nursery. smile That way we always have a reminder of the amazing people who helped piece our adoption together. We thought this was such a cute idea and something we can keep forever! If you would like to purchase a puzzle piece you can donate to our Gofundme page:"
    • Almost finished!
      So please, go check out their adoption blog here and consider donating to their puzzle fundraiser!