Shout Out: Meet Casey & Drew!

Drew and I have been married for almost 9 years in the New England area.  We are a blended family with 3 kids and looking to…Make it 4. Over the last year, we’ve been asking God how He can use us to do His work and challenge us to step away from the ordinary.  We want him to open our hearts and hands to his calling for our growing family. Through this process our eyes were opened and our hearts broken for the millions of orphans worldwide. As we researched and prayed, we began to feel God lead us towards international adoption to rescue an orphan and make them our own.
We are currently in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia through a wonderful agency called All God’s Children International. The adoption process will take around 2 years and is a journey of faith each step of the way. We will hopefully be on the waitlist by the end of the year!
About a month ago I came across a company called Noonday. I was initially drawn to the jewelry and accessories but after reading the story behind Noonday I was hooked. I became an Ambassador for Noonday this month to raise funding for the adoption of our son from Ethiopia. Noonday has a big heart for adoption--the founder, Jessica, started Noonday as a way to fundraise for the adoption of her own son from Rwanda. What started as something small, just Jessica, has grown to include 90 Ambassadors just like me, advocating for our artisans, telling their stories, and styling women with accessories that are changing lives. 

The collection features jewelry, scarves, bags, and even home goods and gifts from Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Peru, Guatemala, Madagascar, Ecuador, South Africa, and even refugee groups here in the US. I hope you'll head over and browse the online many beautiful pieces not only for you, but for all of the ladies on your Christmas list this year.
Not only are you supporting job creation in high risk communities, but 20% of every purchase through will go to support our adoption fund! Also, check out our blog here.
Thanks for taking a look,
~Casey and Drew