Three Months since Gotcha Day!

It has been three months since we picked up our sleeping babe from Hannah's Hope.

I don't know why three months seems like such a big deal. It's 1/3 of his little life. Our agency recommends 6 weeks - 3 months of cocooning....So I guess, after 3 months life should be "normal," right?! :)

I am a bit emotional as I think about how amazing, crazy, sleepless, and fruitful these past three months has been. It seems like Israel Biruk has always been a part of us. We love him so much. He is on my mind all the time and when he is sleeping, I miss him. Will and I feel so blessed to be his parents- he is such joy.

We have learned so much in the past three months: about parenting, strengthening our marriage, finding renewal when there is no "normal" or "me time."

I wouldn't trade this. I feel so thankful; even on the days that it seems like all I've done for the past 24 hours is console a child that won't sleep, or when we're doing physical therapy or my child is spitting his food all over me and I finally got a shower for the first time in days. This is the best job ever. Three months in and I'm so thankful that I have a lifetime ahead to know and love Israel Biruk.

***All pictures from Gotcha Day May 1, 2012 at Hannah's Hope***


  1. How precious!! Congratulations on three months!

  2. So, so happy for you and your sweet family, Rebekah <3

  3. Happy 3 months!!! It is a milestone.

  4. Found your blog via Google (gotta love search engines!)! We are starting the process through AGCI of adopting from Ethiopia! We are working on our Orientation packet now! I wanna thank you for having such detailed posts! It helps us see what is coming our way! Our blog is if you get a chance check us out! Your little man is adorable and congrats!


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