Ode to Baby Snuggles

I love my snugly baby!

I love how he wakes up and lets me snuggle him. He will push back, look around, then lean into my arms over and over while he figures life out again post nap.

I love how he melts into my arms when I rock him to sleep.

I love the smell of his hair and skin when I'm rocking him to sleep after a bath- like coconuts!

I love the way his forehead and hair get so sweaty when he sleeps. Reminds me of Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. Sorry babe, you don't get to shave your head.

I love the feel of his warm little body when I'm wearing him in the Ergo; how he rubs my shirt with his fingers when he's falling asleep in there and how he keeps his fists balled up.

I love that sometimes he wakes up at night just for an extra cuddle- he goes back to sleep within seconds of being picked up and held.

I love the way he leans in for hugs and kisses.

I love his giant grin when I kiss him when he's waking up or when we are playing. He loves kisses!

I love that he will take extra long naps if I snuggle him tightly in my bed and nap with him. I love his deep breaths and sighs when he sleeps!

I love my sweet Israel Biruk. I know this baby stage is so fleeting and one day I'll be dropping him off at school and he won't be so inclined to let me snuggle him anymore.

Soaking it in today!


  1. Soak it in sweet friend! He is super cuddly. Thankful you will have these precious memories with him!

  2. How sweet! He is pretty adorable and a very snuggly looking baby!


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