Ten Months Old!

Dear Israel,

Today you are ten months old! That pains me a bit to write because that means you are getting so close to your first birthday!

This month you had many new adventures. We spent a few days at your Nana & Papa's house in Opelika and you met one of your great-grandmothers. We spent a busy day in Birmingham taking family pictures and meeting your great-grandparents Gran and Bowie! We started physical therapy at a PT office and in our home. You absolutely hate it, and it involves lots of crying (you and me!) but we are already seeing progress. You charm everyone at the PT office and they quickly overlook your loud screams when you share your cute smile as we leave!

You are still eating pureed foods and formula; you love fruits except for bananas- you will still eat them but you make really silly faces when I feed you bananas! You are starting to be more interested in the spoon and bottle so hopefully soon you'll want to help feed yourself!

Your favorite toy is your singing puppy but you are generally content to just sit and talk to your hands. You listen to a Baby Einstein cd when you play in your room and you immediately light up when you hear it. You are clapping all the time and you will stick your feet in the air doing a split if you are on your back.

You have gotten a little bit better with sleeping. You are still swaddled and you need your paci to fall asleep. Sometimes you and I snuggle and nap together and you always wake up happy!

Son, you are SO LOUD. If you are happy, you are squealing and cooing! You will put your thumb in your mouth and talk really loud with it in there. You make this one sound that is like "ha-ha-haa" in a fake laugh type of way. You also started to give kisses or lean in for kisses. You will even give kisses to your favorite toy puppy! You are always blowing raspberries and you still mimic us when we fake cough! You are so silly and have a million facial expressions. You keep us laughing and we have to keep our video recorder handy because you are always being ridiculous!

Speaking of blowing raspberries, we are having our first discipline issue. Israel you KNOW it is not ok to spit your food at mama but you still do it! I will sat "no spitting food" and you just look at me so defiantly and then do it! Or you will look at me, and make a noise like you are spitting but not actually do it. Then if I say "No!" or "No spitting!" you will look away, smile, or cry. You are a mess. This is really the only thing that we are having to "discipline" right now - and sometimes the way you look at us so defiantly, or get offended when I say no, we have to look away because it makes us laugh. I know, bad parents.

This month we took a trip to NC for daddy to take some classes. You and I made our rounds visiting friends and you were quite the charmer! While we were there you gave us quite the scare and you had your first trip to the ER and the pediatric hospital. We are hoping to never have to relive those few days in the hospital but we are very thankful for the precious people at WakeMed that took care of you.

Because of our exhaustion from the trip I'm going to wrap this up. There's a million cute things that you do and we are so proud to be your parents.