Christmas Coffee!!!!!!!

Will and I are coffee people. We are pretty good at taking turns at making it. In our morning routine, whoever brews the coffee, the other person will pour it and fix the cups for our morning fix.

This fall we picked up some fun creamers in fall tastes- I love the Caramel Apple but Will loves the Pumpkin Spice! But do you know what is even BETTER than the holiday creamers??


We may have a new addiction. "Fa la la la la" coffee by justlovecoffee. Just a drop of half & half creamer and a sprinkle of sugar (for me) and its the most delicious holiday mix in your mouth!!!!!!

And it can be yours, too!

Just log on to and order yourself some! Or buy some for family. Because its amazing, and since its a holiday kind it may not be in stock too much longer!! I don't know about you, but our family will be sipping on some holiday coffee on Christmas morning!

And just to let you know, it is fair-trade coffee AND it supports our adoption. So you will have a win-win-win situation!

AND! if you're still looking for "stocking stuffer" ideas- a very worthy $3 investment is this amazing coffee scooper. It has totally made it easier for us to measure out coffee when we fix it in the mornings!

Thanks friends! And don't forget to enter in the ornament giveaway - I'll draw a winner tomorrow at noon EST!