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AGCI sent out this update on Facebook- and I HAD to pass it along. First of all, that baby looks too cute. Second, this statistic just chills my bones: "the yearly abortion rate exceeds the birthrate"- wow that is heartbreaking.

Will you consider giving hope to a child? Or commit to praying for this pilot program?

Taiwan Now Accepting Applications!

AGCI is happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for our pilot adoption program in Taiwan! As this is still in the pilot stage, interested families must have complete flexibility as elements of the program are subject to change.
Behind the breathtaking landscapes and modern cities of Taiwan hides the fact that up to 50% of all Taiwanese women have had an abortion, due to the stigma associated with being an unwed mother. Experts now say the yearly abortion rate exceeds the birthrate. To provide hope for these unborn babies, AGCI has launched a pilot adoption and birth mother program, reaching out to bring a beacon of light and life to this majestic island.

Children Available

Children ages two months and older are available for adoption.

Care In-Country

All God's Children International has partnered with Deana Pan, a dedicated American citizen living in Taiwan, to help women and children in crisis. With a shared vision, AGCI and Deana have developed Morning Light Home, a safe haven for birth mothers to live during their pregnancy, offering pre- and post-natal care, counseling, job training, and the opportunity to choose and meet the adoptive families.
AGCI has also opened a Hannah's Hope home for children as they wait to be united with their forever families. Hannah's Hope is one-of-a-kind, providing love, shelter, and safety to orphans who are waiting to be placed in loving homes. Hannah's Hope focuses on giving each child personalized attention by providing a "special mother" for every three to four children.

Time Frame

The approximate time frame of our Pilot Taiwan Birth Mother program, from application through finalization of an adoption, is 12 to 28 months.


  1. Was so excited to hear about this program too!!


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